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Just what is the Rockabilly Look?

Just what is the Rockabilly Look - A brief fashion history. We already know that the rockabilly fashion is one we adore. The Betty Page form-fitting rockabilly dresses, high-waisted jeans and bold colours and patterns that make the wearer stand out. But where did this iconic look come from? It all started with rockabilly music.  The term rockabilly is actually a combination of 'rock and roll' and 'hillbilly', signifying the style's early combination of rock and country western sounds.  This genre was made popular by famous rockers like Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash in the 1950's, when the post WWII generation was ready to push the boundaries of social norms and experiment with an edgy new look. The look symbolised a musical style and generation's ideals of independent expression and honesty, letting your rockabilly clothing show your true colours.  While victory roll hair and rockabilly music did not stay strong through the 1950's the vintage look returned with full force in the 1970's and 80's as a new generation embraced what had become a classic fashion. Years have passed, but the passion for rockabilly dresses and hairstyles only grew stronger with its resurgence.  Now the full crinoline skirts and polka dot blouses were included in the rockabilly look as part of the old fashioned and classic throwback of days gone by. The silhouette of this clothing style shows off the feminine shape and this was also adapted for plus-size options. Extract: 22/4/2015

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